Andre Nagtegaal: A Masterpiece in Curaçao Art PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 March 2013 13:40

Andre Nagtegaal (45), born and raised in Curaçao, became famous for the unique style and attitude that he brings to Curaçao art. He paints typical scenes of the island, putting the “Yu Di Kòrsou” in the spotlight.

By Desi Dijkhuizen


His famous characteristic “DjiDji”, painted in a colorful ambiance, will definitely give your home that Caribbean vibe you are looking for. “My island's culture is slowly fading away. This is my way of helping to preserve it”, says Nagtegaal.


Talking to him, it’s impossible not to notice the passion for his island. The way he describes his style, on which his family, especially his mother’s side, made such a huge impact, is just to mention that the elements in his work are going way back. “DjiDji” for example has lots of influence of his great grandmother. Andre grew up hearing stories of her and got totally inspired by her way of living. Also his grandfather has a spot in Andre’s pieces of art. Fishes, boats and stories of his ancestors can be seen in his paintings.


Andre is a family man that loved to paint since his childhood. After getting married and having kids, he had other priorities to pay attention to, so he stopped for quite a long time with painting. At age of 39, Andre rediscovered the canvas and since then the experiment has begun, and is growing by the day.

There is no question, Andre’s paintings are a true work of art, yet despite the many hours and attention to detail that it takes to paint each painting, Andre has tremendous pleasure donating his paintings to charity. One painting that made a huge impact on me was a donation he made to "Fundashon Sinta Ros" (Foundation that helps the women of Curacao fighting with breast cancer). He painted different ladies, from different races overcoming the mutual disease of breast cancer. Another nice project was a bag he designed for the CliniClowns Foundation. These are just a few projects of charity that Andre worked on. “For what my skills are, it is the finest contribution I can make to society.”

Andre’s paintings are more than just a piece of art. It’s his way to show his love for his island, his family and his community.