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Thursday, 22 November 2012 13:24

ORANJESTAD — Since this morning Aruba Airlines has an Airbus 320 for the first time. With this aircraft the airline company can perform a direct flight to Sal Paulo in Brazil every week starting December 14. Premier Mike Eman (AVP) announced this yesterday during the trade mission in Brazil. However, Aruba Airlines is yet to receive its air operated certificate (AOC) for this aircraft.Aruba Airlines is now finalizing the last phase for this AOC. The aviation personnel are being trained and will perform tests to check whether the company is ready to fly without problems. The pilots of the aircraft are Americans because Aruban pilots don’t have enough flight hours to fly an Airbus 320. Four Aruban pilots are currently being trained in Miami to be co-pilot, but Aruba Airlines is seeking more pilots for the future.  The cabin personnel consist of approximately 25 persons of which six have experience with Air Aruba. Stewardesses from Mexico have been recruited for the first operational months of Aruba Airlines. Aruban candidates are first to follow a training for cabin personnel. Due to a shortage of local technicians contracts were concluded with Mexico.



 Relation Aruba - Brazil

 During the trade mission in Brazil, Premier Eman and Prince Willem-Alexander announced the arrival of the Airbus and the direct flight last night. The purpose of the trade mission that lasts until Friday is to advance the trade relations between the Netherlands, Aruba and Brazil. Eman stated Aruba could be the bridge between the Netherlands and Brazil but can also boost its own trade with both countries. A direct flight will yield a positive contribution. After an overhaul in Guangzhou, China the Airbus 320 arrived from Kansas City (US) this morning. The destination of the announced first flight on December 14 is Sao Paulo. This is the result of several meetings between tourism organizations AIA and Ahata and travel organizations from Sao Paulo. The planning also includes flights to Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo and to Panama via Aruba. There will also be flights to Miami, Newark and Boston as from the first quarter in 2013.


In June 2011 Aruba Airlines was grounded for six months after an aircraft had landed at Reina Beatrix Airport while it was closed. The company lost its permit for large aircrafts and to perform regular flights. The Directorate of Aviation decided at the time that the company had to appoint a new management, the personnel were to follow a course and that ground safety procedures were necessary. The company resumed its flights in March and started a commercial flight from Aruba to Funto Fijo, with a Piper Chieftan (seven seats). Meanwhile Aruba Airlines is working on the air operated certificate (AOC) for the larger A-320 (150 seats) from Airbus.