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Tuesday, 4 December 2012 11:27

WILLEMSTAD — The deliberation between government unions Abvo, Napb and SAP and Minister Cornelis ‘Chucho’ Smits this morning didn’t yield clarity on whether the government would pay public officers the annual bonus at the end of this month. It was agreed that the minister of Finance José Jardim will meet with the government unions this Thursday.At the end of the year the government pays civil servants an annual bonus of 250 guilders. It was uncertain last week whether this amount would be paid this year. Since then several government unions indicated that officials are entitled to this bonus and that the government cannot wait until the last moment to indicate if it will be paid or not.


Abvo-chairman Calmes stated that the government unions came away none the wiser. “We received no clarity and urged for a meeting with Jardim, the minister of Finance. Minister Smits said he would arrange a meeting sometime tomorrow for us with Jardim. We hope this meeting will provide more clarity from the government regarding the bonus.” Calmes pointed out that the total payment of the annual bonus involves an amount of around 1 million guilders. “Just suppose the government would be strike-bound for one day, it’ll cost about the same amount.”

According to the spokesperson of the minister of Finance, the matter of the bonus for the civil servants is on the agenda of the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers. This meeting should provide more clarity on a possible payment.