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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 09:45

WILLEMSTAD — Magali Jacoba, former parliamentarian and minister of Justice has handed in her resignation as member of the PAR as of today. Jacoba’s decision was due to the proceeding of the party council meeting last night where a proposal to vote in favor of the expulsion of Glenn Sulvaran was not discussed.With this the party council sided with the board, which had explained once again yesterday that Glenn Sulvaran automatically lost his membership with the PAR when he left the PAR-fraction and joined the coalition of PS, Pais and PNP. In this respect the board referred to article 7 of the party’s articles of association, which states that the membership of the party is irreconcilable with the membership of any other party on the island. Chairwoman of the board of the PAR, Zita Jesus-Leito, explained that Sulvaran functions as an own fraction/party, whereby he even has a minister in the cabinet and is therefore officially no longer a member of the party. In this respect the independent parliamentarian received a letter to that effect from the board.


Although the board explained that an official vote on Sulvaran’s expulsion was no longer required, some members suggested the party council put the expulsion of the independent parliamentarian to the vote. However, this appeal from several members fell on deaf ears. The board explained that the expulsion of members is a matter for the board and not the party council.

A group of discontent PAR-members, the so-called ‘Group of 30’, had submitted the request for Sulvaran’s expulsion and had put it on the agenda. The mouthpiece for this group is Reinaldo ‘Naldo’ Henson, but he resigned his membership of the PAR quite a while ago. Although Henson is seated on the board of the DP, several members asked why he was at the meeting considering he was no longer a member of the PAR. According to witnesses, feelings ran high between Henson and several PAR-members when they left the meeting room but the ruffled feathers were smoothed rather quickly.


Magali resigns from the PAR

The meeting yesterday hadn’t passed off smoothly after this incident. Harold Arends, one of the most respected members of the party, left the meeting before the request for Sulvaran’s expulsion was discussed. He disagreed with the way personal matters of members were discussed in the meeting and in the media and how the party had handled the Sulvaran case.

Jacoba, who was the closest assistant of former PAR-leader Emily de Jongh-Elhage in the past, had openly sided with the Group of 30 and its proposal to dismiss Sulvaran. After the meeting yesterday, she sent an e-mail containing one sentence, stating to resign her membership immediately, without giving a reason.

Following the meeting yesterday party chairwoman Jesus-Leito said ‘this chapter’ is closed. “This case is closed and we will now focus on reorganizing the party. We will focus all our energy on Curaçao.”