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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 09:48


WILLEMSTAD — According to plan, the public auction of the damaged motor vessel ‘Seamaster’ currently moored at the small pier of the former Baya Beach Club will take place in the third week of February. The company lawyer of the Curaçao Port Authority (CPA), Bertie Braam, hopes to move up the auction day.CPA and subsidiary KTK embargoed the Seamaster early September because the pier and harbor fees and the security weren’t being paid. As the motor vessel only had had temporary repairs done after it hit the rocks near Aqualectra late June in 2011, the water in the ship had to be drained regularly. As a result the harbor safety inspectors had to check the Seamaster regularly, which involved extra work. In the past Braam stated at least two potential buyers were interested.