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Monday, 4 February 2013 10:16

ORANJESTAD — Last Friday ARU (Affected Residents Urirama) instituted summary proceedings to halt construction work for the windmill park at Urirama. Another action group, named Salba Urirama, wants to present a petition to the leaders of parliamentary parties and parliamentarians by means of a demonstration tomorrow.Deputy chairman of the Parliament, Chris Dammers (AVP), had adjourned the parliamentary debate of last Friday to Wednesday, February 6th on account of the tumult in the gallery. He stated the meeting will therefore continue the day after tomorrow without spectators. Premier Mike Eman (AVP) had been giving his opinion on the windmill park when the meeting was adjourned. In retrospect, Eman understands the emotions on the subject but also the difficulty the chairman of the Parliament faced in chairing the meeting. Nevertheless, the premier hopes the chairman of the Parliament will reconsider his decision and allow the spectators to attend the parliamentary meeting. “It’s part of our democracy and the democratic right to follow a meeting. It’s rather difficult for the chairman and I too have requested him several times to be more tolerant with the spectators. However, in the end it’s the chairman’s responsibility to chair the meeting orderly.”