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Monday, 4 February 2013 10:18

Willemstad — Contrary to reports from several actors in the media, there had not been an official meeting in the Parliament with Space Expedition (SXC). SXC had intended to give the Standing Parliamentary Committee Economic Development a presentation but this meeting hadn’t gone through because there was no quorum.Chairman of this committee, Alex Rosaria (Pais), wrote this in a press report. “I really regret there was no quorum but as the representatives of SXC were present we decided to hold an informal meeting with this group.” Rosaria wrote this press report because the media indicated SCX and the Parliament had held a meeting, or even worse that the Parliament had approved this project. Rosaria regrets this.


On the meeting itself with SXC, the chairman of the committee said he ended up with more questions than answers. For instance, according to Rosaria, it isn’t clear why Curaçao Airport Holding (CAH) had paid SXC 702,000 guilders in 2012. “Without any agreement to-date on repayment, while more than 200 space tickets were sold, according to SXC.”

Rosaria also wonders who is to pay for the spaceport. “I also want to know if CAH is expected to invest more in this project than the one million to-date, considering SXC and CAH concluded an Investment Agreement in 2010.”



A source of greater concern, according to Rosaria, is the fact that this project depends on the United States granting Curaçao an International Traffic in Arms Regulation permit. After his conversation last week with the American Chargé d’Affaires in The Hague and the Consul General in Willemstad, it appears that the ITAR-permit has never been granted for territory outside the United States. The United States namely introduced the ITAR-legislation to protect the weapon technology from the United States in which billions of dollars were invested on research and development. And the so-called rocket aircraft is based on that technology.

Rosaria: “I’m not going to obstruct a private initiative, but considering what happened in the past years this country cannot allow to be careless with government funds. In the coming days I will therefore present written questions on this matter to the minister of Economic Development even though there are no indications of the current government considering investing public funds in this project.”