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Tuesday, 5 February 2013 09:05


WILLEMSTAD — An in-depth-investigation is necessary, based on the findings of government accountant Soab of 133 lease contracts concluded by the Schotte-cabinet after October 10th 2010 (the day Curaçao acquired the status of country within the Kingdom).PNP-parliamentarian Humphrey Davelaar stated this in a parliamentary meeting yesterday morning. The agenda listed three items: the concluded lease contracts; the purchase of a new building for harbor company Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) worth 2.2 million guilders, and the ZenCity project for old people’s care supposedly involving 100 million guilders from the BZV. The subjects were discussed simultaneously.


Davelaar concluded that misgovernment occurred on a broad scale, according to the Civil code. He and other parliamentarians want to know if the Governments Accounts Act, rules of publicity of governance and of good governance were contravened. They also criticized the fact that over 100,000 guilders on rent was paid for four vacant buildings per month, while retrenchments are in order.

Eugene Cleopa (Pais) asked about a list of all contracts that the government and the government nv’s and entities had concluded with attorney’s offices and consultancy offices for legal or other assistance. On the valuation report of the Nederex building by CPA, Cleopa stated that a valuation report from 2010 would be used to purchase the building in 2012. This is not allowed, said Cleopa. PAR-parliamentarian Omayra Leeflang thinks the concluded contracts should be terminated immediately. However, this is problematic, considering the clauses.

The parliamentarians also demand more clarity on the ZenCity project, whereby the government is to purchase medical care for the elderly. They want to know about the connection with ZenCity and Bureau Medical Insurance (BZV) and the costs involved so far.

Elmer Wilsoe (PS) thinks Zencity is a tourist project. “It’s absurd to accommodate our senior citizens on a third floor of a building. It’s an American concept that has nothing to do with reality. The argument that this project will never cost the government a penny reminds me of a sprat to catch herring.”

The letter of intent for ZenCity was signed at the time by minister of Social Affairs, Hensley Koeiman (MAN). He obtained legal advice from various circles. “It’s a good project for the care of the elderly”, said Koeiman, currently a member of the opposition.

Former minister of Health, Jacinta Scoop-Constancia (MFK), currently also a member of the opposition, criticized the fact she is accused of theft in connection with the 100 million guilders BVZ invested in ZenCity, but that everyone thinks it’s a good project because Koeiman had signed the letter of intent.


Hourly rates

Former premier Gerrit Schotte (MFK) foiled the criticism of that morning regarding the contracts for the retainer fees for lawyers concluded under his cabinet. This is a fixed amount per month, instead of the usual hourly rates and actually prevented the ministry from being billed millions on legal fees. Furthermore, the majority of the lease contracts were concluded by the ministries of Education and Administrative Planning, portfolios that fell under Pueblo Soberano. Finally, the MFK wants to know who owns the building where the Institute Study Grant Curaçao is domiciled and which company receives the monthly lease.

Minister of Economic Affairs, Steven Martina; Minister of Finance, José Jardim; and Minister of Health, Ben Whiteman are to present the answers to these questions within two weeks.