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Tuesday, 5 February 2013 09:06


WILLEMSTAD — Within the framework of the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom several artists were invited for a group’s exhibition in the Netherlands. Yubi Kirindongo is invited for a solo exhibition in the prestigious Museum Beelden aan Zee, according to Lusette Verboom, owner of Gallery Alma Blou.Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen – founded in 1994 by collectors couple Theo and Lida Scholten – is the only Dutch museum that focuses on sculpture (modern international sculpture) especially those from after the Second World War. Different exhibitions are held three to four times a year, and Yubi Kirindongo has been invited for the exhibition this year.


Kirindongo exhibits at the invitiation of Jan Teeuwisse, director of the museum. In 2011, he flew to Curaçao to view the collection from the Yubi Kirindongo museum. Based on that visit Kirindongo was invited to exhibit this collection in Museum Beelden aan Zee.

“Several of his huge sculptures will be shipped to the Netherlands for the exhibition this autumn. The museum will pay most of these costs but Curaçao will contribute to realizing this exhibition and sponsors are needed”, said Verboom.


Monograph of Yubi Kirindongo

In connection with the exhibition a book on the entire oeuvre of Marcolino, alias Yubi Kirindongo will be published. Thomas Meyer Zu Clochteren, also a well-known person on the island, will assume responsibility for this book. He will fly to Curaçao early March to take pictures and talk with Yubi-collectors. Little is documented, especially from the early period of Kirindongo.

“As one of our most well-known artists, and the artist with the most public statues made of recycled material on the island, we want this book to reflect this. Hence our request to everyone owning one of Yubi Kirindongo’s works of art, especially from his early days, to report to Gallery Alma Bou in Landhuis Habaai. Considering Thomas Meyer’s tight schedule, please contact us at number 462-8896 or email us a picture of Kirindongo’s work of art to Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft JavaScript nodig om het te kunnen zien. as soon as possible.