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Wednesday, 6 February 2013 08:50

WILLEMSTAD — The University of the Dutch Caribbean (UDC), Key Corporate and the Governance University (GU) from the Netherlands will soon organize actualized Masterclass Good Corporate Governance with ‘The authentic and effective commissioner’ as theme.This masterclass, organized for the fourteenth time, will start on March 21st at the Avila Hotel. The four-day program is meant for commissioners and directors of government organizations, government institutions and private organizations, chartered accountants, organization advisors, partners and senior managers. The program focuses on professionalizing and developing of supervisors, commissioners, directors, chartered accountants and interested parties through research, publications and courses. This course is recognized by the Nivra and chartered accountants can qualify for 18 (PE) professionalization points. This masterclass is a renewed repetition of the equally successful masterclass of the past years.


Together, UDC, Key Corporate and the GU will offer the professionalizing program ‘The authentic and effective commissioners’ (AED) again on Curaçao in 2013. The fourteenth edition of the program (AEC XIV) is custom made for the Curaçao situation. The themes that will be discussed in detail in the program are the role of the commissioner/supervisor; the role of politics with regard to the Board of Commissioners; the relation of the director and Board of Commissioners; the relation of the external accountant and the Board of Commissioners; the legal aspects and liability of the commissioners, and the functioning of the Board of Commissioners.

Participants of this masterclass are commissioners and directors of organizations in the profit and non-profit sector, chartered accountants, organization advisors and interested parties. There are also administrators and professionals with the profile and ambition to hold a commissioner’s or supervisory post in several years.

A group of experienced presenters will give the masterclass. The first presenters will start in block 1 (Thursday, March 21st and Friday, March 22nd). Block 2 of this masterclass follows on Thursday, April 18th and Friday, April 19th. The masterclass will be concluded with an official certificate from the accredited Governance University from the Netherlands.

For more information, contact Judrane Zimmerman, Leolina from UDC/Key Corporate (telephone number 738-3340). The closing date for enrolment of this masterclass is Friday, March 1st.