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Thursday, 7 February 2013 08:44

KRALENDIJK — The fractions in the Island Council are busy filing a claim on the amount reserved for environment and nature conservation by the Dutch government although the Board of Governors doesn’t have any concrete plans or presented them as yet.The government has made over 6.5 million euros (almost 17 million guilders) available, which is 2.5 million euros (almost 6 million guilders) less than initially allotted for the three islands. Due to the retrenchments of the Rutte-2 cabinet in the ‘Spring Agreement’ the initial amount of 10 million was cut down.


The DP-party in the Parliament requests additional information on the amount made available by the Dutch government for environment and nature conservation. According to leader of parliamentary party (DP), Robby Beukenboom, his party raised a strong protest against this cut down because the money is very important for the promotion and conservation of the environment and nature on the islands but also to boost the economy. Nevertheless, the parliamentary party is pleased that the Dutch government will make 7.5 million euros available for the environment and nature on the three islands. A distributive code suggests Bonaire is to receive 6 million and Saba and St. Eustatius 1.5 million euros. The democrats want to know more about this. The party also requests perusal of the concrete plans for the spending of this money and the conditions involved.

DP wants to make a positive contribution towards a wise spending of the 6 million euros on Bonaire but lacks the details. The fraction stated to have learned of the request from the leader of the UPB party in the Parliament, Jeffrey Levenstone, to use part of the money to restore Pink Beach. However, this beach is private property, owned by Cargill. DP asked if this regards an individual request or if the Board of Governors has concrete plans to improve the public beaches and fishermen facilities from the fund.