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Thursday, 7 February 2013 08:45

ORANJESTAD — The summary proceedings instituted by gynecologist Harald Narain against the hospital will come up in court tomorrow. The doctor thinks the hospital acted unlawfully and immorally by not accepting the locum he recommended. The Advisory Council suspended the gynecologist for three weeks in January because he ‘had repeatedly defied the procedure for locum tenancy’.By our reporter


Mirte de Rozario


Narain had called in a lawyer on December 14th when he heard of the suspension (from January 10th to January 31st). Lawyer Chris Lejuez stated that his client has a ministerial decree from the Minister of Health, Richard Visser, which states that in the doctor’s absence he can appoint a locum from abroad. Despite this, the Horacio Oduber Hospital (HOH) had not accepted Narain’s substitute. The hospital has two gynecologists in its employment but wanted to substitute for Narain. However, Narain is not associated with the HOH; he has an own practice. There is another gynecologist who also has an own practice.



Jaime Falconi from the Advisory Council of the HOH stated late December that patients must always be able to communicate optimally with a doctor. A language problem could be a reason not to accept a substitute. Falconi further indicated that the hospital arranges substitutes for doctors in its employment. “However, Narain is not in the pay of the hospital and therefore responsible for arranging a substitute – according to the rules of the hospital. In first instance it is up to the department, in this case gynecology, to determine if the rules were followed.”


Continue treating patients

After the suspension was announced, Narain stated in an interview with the Amigoe that he would continue to treat his patients during the period of suspension. “Patients can come to my practice in Cumana. I will help them and charge a private rate.” With that the doctor pointed out that AZV only compensates medical care with doctors who have access to the hospital building.