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Thursday, 7 February 2013 08:46

WILLEMSTAD — The group led by Nelson Ramiz will take over one-hundred percent of the shares from airline company DAE (Dutch Antilles Express) and the related companies from former owner Niek Sandman. Ramiz reached agreements with former shareholders, the trust-director and Korpodeko. This was done with the approval of MCB, the Girobank and the largest creditors Nordic Aviation, Aerocentury, ATR and Sabena. Ramiz announced this today in a press report.DAE hired Nelson Ramiz in 2011 as consultant and in that capacity he has been in charge for some time now. This takeover by Ramiz was anticipated. He is also the owner of the lease company for aircrafts Falcon Air, which leases aircrafts to DAE. Ramiz: “This is the first and only restructuring of an airline company whereby not one employee will lose his/her job. Commercial creditors and lease companies will eventually get their money of which they thought it had disappeared in July 2011. DAE has grown in 2012. During the restructuring in that year we flew 55 percent more passengers than in 2011. Our turnover increased with 66 percent and the fleet has tripled. The daily flights and the number of destinations have increased substantially. Many challenges lie ahead. This is a complicated and risky industry but I believe we have a well-considered plan and that people with passion and perseverance will realize this.” As regards DAE, Ramiz stated we will take over all debts. These have been negotiated and we’re ready to take the next step with this airline company.



New name

Ramiz did not give a decisive answer to the question if DAE will be given a new name. “If a company is experiencing reorganization and if the revival precedes successfully the advice is almost always ‘change the logo and the exterior of the aircrafts or even the name’. Also the uniforms should be adjusted to the new vision and future plans. DAE will adopt this advice. I’ve hired a company in the United States that will make recommendations on our brand. Perhaps we will implement these changes in 2014 or 2015 when the new A 319 and A 320 will replace the MD 83 and the Fokker 100. As for now, we are happy with our Curaçao sun on the tail and satisfied with our name.”

Ramiz wants to become the leading airline company this year and announces more news will follow next week. He doesn’t consider Insel Air a competitor. “I noticed they’re establishing themselves on Aruba; perhaps they’ve realized this island is too small for both of us and that DAE has proved to be a hard nut to crack.”

Ramiz further stated he is in Miami to negotiate two extra MD 83 aircrafts for the flights to Maracaibo and Valencia in Venezuela and the new routes to Quito and Lima this year. The aircrafts are expected to arrive in May.