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Thursday, 7 February 2013 08:47

WILLEMSTAD — Medical director Cai Winkel confirms that the board of directors of the St. Elisabeth Hospital has set its mind on a hyperbaric chamber from the American NASA.“The hyperbaric chamber we have in mind meets all requirements and was used by NASA”, said Winkel. The medical director refuses to disclose details on the negotiations as long as the current pressure tank on the hospital premises hasn’t been removed.


The hospital had presented an ultimatum to the Curaçao Medical Center, the owner of the pressure tank, to remove it. “The ultimatum has run out. We’ll take legal action to have the pressure tank removed”, said Winkel. As soon as the pressure tank, which was installed with cooperation of the former Schotte-cabinet, is removed, the hospital will arrange for a hyperbaric chamber on the island to be operated by Sehos in the near future.

According to reports, the Curaçao Medical Center has decided to remove the pressure tank from the Sehos premises.

Under the regime of former minister of Health, Jacinta Scoop-Constancia, the Venezuelan company was allowed to install the pressure tank on the hospital premises. The government also invested 350,000 guilders in adjusting the room for the pressure tank. As the medical center cannot submit invoices directly to the medical insurers it was decided to do this through Sehos. However, Sehos never cooperated with this construction. Furthermore, the Inspection for Public Health hadn’t recognized the diplomas from the Venezuelan doctors to operate the hyperbaric chamber.