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Thursday, 7 February 2013 08:55

WILLEMSTAD — The situation in the prison is still not what it should be and the Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro (Pais), wants to change this. He believes a new prison is necessary to improve the current situation in Sentro di Detenshon i Korekshon Kòrsou (SDKK) at Koraal Specht. The intention is to enter into a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to realize this plan, said the minister.According to the minister, the perceptibly deteriorating situation in the prison is due to the infrastructure of the SDKK-building. Several reports confirmed that the current location of the prison is not suitable. “The building resembles a hodgepodge, which obstructs inspections for illegal items and more security in the prison”, said Navarro. The minister has this plan but an actual decision hasn’t been made. However, Navarro is already negotiating with the various stakeholders to realize this plan.


The idea is to obtain financial support from companies of the private sector to build a new prison. The companies construct a modern and state-of-the-art building and subsequently rent the building to the government. In consultation with the companies the government could become the owner of the building after several years.


Prison warders

Besides a new building, it is also important to improve the situation in the building. According to the minister, the prison warders must have an adequate training considering the current situation is lacking. The government already launched a training program for the prison warders. Although they are yet to complete this training the minister thinks it’s a good idea to recruit professionally trained Curaçao prison warders from the Netherlands. These prison warders also have more experience with a structured institute.

The Dutch Ministry of Justice plans to close over one third of all prisons in the Netherlands. As a result seven-hundred will lose their job, according to the Dutch media. Navarro believes the Curaçao prison warders currently in the Netherlands could be deployed in the prison on the island. During his working visit in the Netherlands the minister already discussed this with State Secretary of Safety and Justice, Fred Teeven.


Tourism Police Force

Although the location of the new prison is unclear, the minister thinks the current prison could be changed into a tourist attraction. However, the priority lies with establishing the Tourism Police Force.

According to Navarro, Curaçao Tourism Board (CTB) is working on a plan but the government, CTB and the Police Corps Curaçao (KPC) are to present a plan to recruit and/or retrain police officers who are then to form the new corps. “For this these officers are to have a good command of foreign languages, adopt a custom-friendly attitude, and of course know everything about police tasks, such as tracking criminals”, said the minister.