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Friday, 8 February 2013 08:40


ORANJESTAD — The Aruban women’s softball selection recently qualified for the World Games in Cali, Columbia, in July this year. The team qualified by becoming Caribbean champion during the first ECASC women’s championship.The ECASC-tournament was held late January in the Bahamas. Our selection won from homeland Bahamas and from Jamaica and Turks & Caicos. “Our team became the talk of the Bahamas”, said a proud Minister of Sports, Richard Visser (AVP). “Women’s softball is important for us and certainly one of the sports we wish to promote more. The team is highly commendable. Once again Aruba demonstrates that our athletes have the capacity and talent to face any competitive challenge.” According to Visser, we also owe this to the new organization structure in the sports world. “The reorganizations within our sports federations bear fruit”, said the minister.



Centro Medico Deportivo Arubano (Cemedar) will assist the softball team to prepare for the World Games and the World Series Fast Pitch Softball in the United States. Cemedar consists of professional sports doctors and sports scientists. The selection will be given medical assistance and coaching in the field of technique, sports psychology and dealing with emotions. According to Visser, this is necessary to raise the level of the sport. An entire program is being prepared for the softball selection so that its health and condition is optimal for the upcoming international tournaments. “We’ll give all support needed to achieve the maximum results.” The minister hopes the Aruban team will make it to the top 10. “If the team succeeds we’ll put our seal on the women’s softball; it’ll be a result we can build on.”


The World Games will take place from July 25th to August 4th. Since 1981, the tournament is organized once in four years by the International World Games Association (IWGA). Sportsmen/women from 34 disciplines such as softball, aikido, body-building, bowling, korfball, surfing, waterskiing and sumo-wrestling will compete against each other.