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Friday, 8 February 2013 08:43


WILLEMSTAD — Parliamentarian Mike Franco (Pais) repudiates possible maladministration in how the Parliament had handled the law for the basic medical insurance (bvz). With this, Franco responds to a letter from PAR-member Armin Konket, who had brought this up earlier.In his reply to Konket, Franco stated the Parliament received the enactment on January 18th. It was put on the agenda of a Central Committee meeting on the 21st. The minutes of this meeting were drawn up the same day and forwarded to the government. The answers from the government to questions asked in the Central Committee were sent to the Parliament on the 22nd. After deliberation with the chairmen of the parliamentary parties, Franco concluded that a majority of the fractions in the Parliament thought the discussion could not be postponed because it regarded an important enactment for the country Curaçao and that it should be discussed in a public meeting of the Parliament as soon as possible. Subsequently, the public meeting was convened for January 23rd.


In his letter to Konket, Franco pointed out that in his capacity of chairman of the Parliament he is not guilty of maladministration. Franco also pointed out that at the beginning of that particular meeting, PAR’s proposal to postpone the discussion of the bvz to grant the Parliament more time to read the answers from the government couldn’t be discussed because there was insufficient support from the parliamentarians present. Franco subsequently decided to adjourn the meeting for several hours, thus giving the parliamentarians time to read the answers. “There was no question of maladministration. I simply complied with the wishes of the majority of the Parliament.”