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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 10:40


AMSTERDAM — Last year, on impulse, stand-up comedian Howard Komproe declared March 9th as National Day of the Negroes, but what began as a joke became a vicious situation whereby Howard received numerous angry reactions and even threatened with death. Komproe entered these experiences in a book.At Publisher Atlas Contact, ‘Howard Komproe, De grens van de grap – alle dyugudyugu omtrent negerdag’ in the series Kleine Boekjes will soon be published. “I don’t think anybody suspected that the joke about Negroes Day would bare a nerve that laid so close to the surface”, said Howard Komproe.


How can a joke get out of hand like that? In ‘De grens van de grap’, Komproe reconstructs the events around March 9th and researches when exactly the humor is defeated by insolence and taking offence. He asks reactions from colleagues and acquaintances and receives contributions from Theo Maassen, Gerard Spong, Stine Jensen, Noraly Beyer, Robert Vuijsje and others. Why is the word ‘negro’ so controversial in the Netherlands? What happens when someone can meddle with your joke? What is your function as professional comedian and where is the limit? Komproe doesn’t want to apologize but has in any case learned wise lessons. “Now you know where the people with weird ideas are.”

Howard Komproe (1971) is a stand-up comedian and part of the Comedytrain group. The kick-off of his solo career with the show Luister, Loekoe, Yere, Kijk! was in 2000, followed by Dus dat, Howard 4t 1&ander and N.I.E.U.W! The book ‘De grens van de grap’ is available in paperback, 96 pages, price approx. 7.50 euros, isbn  978 90 450 2221 5