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Thursday, 21 February 2013 09:01


KRALENDIJK — The tripartite discussion on Bonaire distances itself categorically from accusations which James Finies of ‘Nos Kier Boneiru Bèk’ expressed in a letter to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations. In this letter Finies files a complaint against the action and remarks from the lieutenant governor, the field officer or corps chief regarding the event on and around ‘Dia di Boneiru’ (Bonaire Day).In his letter Finies complains that the protestors were obstructed in their right to demonstration and that corps chief Rooijakkers had given the order to quash the demonstration. He wrote he had even feared for his life.


 The Tripartite Bonaire consists of lieutenant governor Lydia Emerencia; the field officer of Justice, David van Delft, and corps chief, Jan Rooijakker. The Tripartite is responsible for the integral safety on Bonaire as regards public order and safety and the criminal upholding of the legal order.

In a reaction to the letter from Finies, the Tripartite states to respect the right to demonstration and freedom of speech. A ban on demonstration on the ‘Dia di Boneiru’ was not at issue and never proclaimed by the Tripartite. However, prior to Dia di Boneiru an attempt was made together with several representatives from the protestors to make arrangements for a smooth proceeding of that day.

Agreements with respect for the program of that day on the one hand and respect for the public order, peace and safety on that day on the other hand, and of course, for the right of demonstration. “The main point was that everyone could return home uninjured and safe in the evening. Everyone had an interest in a peaceful proceeding of the assembly: the citizens of Bonaire, the invitees and of course the demonstrators”, according to the Tripartite.


The latter states to have jointly and unanimously decided that day that there would be no violence against demonstrators by the police, or by other tracking officials. The Tripartite remarked there are no other authorities that could’ve influenced this decision and/or had any say in this matter. Guaranteeing the safety of all citizens was, is and remains a responsibility of the Tripartite Bonaire, and this objective was reached entirely on the Dia di Boneiru.

Finally, the Tripartite evaluated the proceeding of Dia Boneiru with all parties concerned, including several representatives from the demonstrators. This led to recommendations for this year’s celebration whereby the focus is once again on the safety of all.