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Thursday, 21 February 2013 09:02


ORANJESTAD — Family doctors, specialists, physical therapists, and sports institute Ibisa have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the project ‘Exercise is Medicine’. The aim is to prescribe patients more exercise in addition to medicines.The professionals in the National Health Service signed the MOU during a meeting with the Minister of Health and Sports, Richard Visser (AVP) and Adrian Hutber from American College of Sports Medicine.


“The project Exercise is Medicine will bring a change in the perception and concept of medicine, medical assistance and exercising”, said Visser. The purpose of the project is that doctors pay more attention to prescribing their patients appropriate exercises and physical activities. “The intention of this project is not that this will lead to more work for doctors but rather a different way of treatment.” Moreover, patients involved with Exercise is Medicine, are assisted in the prescribed physical activity in their daily life. Of course, the amount of exercise depends on the patient’s physical condition.


Self-awareness of exercise

Minister Visser is pleased that social workers in the health care sector support the project considering an important task in making the project successful is after all reserved for the family doctors, specialists, AZV, physical therapists and sports institute Ibisa. “On individual level we are to draw people’s attention to the fact that sufficient exercise and sport is of vital importance for their health. That awareness must increase considering the number of patients with a chronic disease. This is a huge problem on Aruba.”


Fourth cause of death

Adrian Hutber from American College of Sports Medicine gave a presentation after Minister Visser gave his. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the top 3 causes of death worldwide are high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes. 3.3 Million people die per year because of not enough exercise. Fifty-six percent of the adults don’t meet the guidelines for daily exercise. Within that framework Hutber remarked that an ‘epidemic of inactivity causes an increase of chronic diseases”.

Exercise is Medicine will be implemented in the various medical sectors as from now up to and including June. Visser expects to see an enormous change in people’s health. For more information, visit www.ExerciseIsMedicine.org or Facebook.