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Thursday, 21 February 2013 09:04


WILLEMSTAD — The government has largely ignored the agreements on the AOV (Pension Scheme) and the AWW (Widow’s and Orphan’s Insurance) reached by employers’ and employees’ organizations during the national dialogue, in the draft national regulations that were discussed in the Parliament yesterday. The Association Business Community Curaçao (VBC) wrote this in a letter to the Parliament, stating ‘to be disappointed and surprised’.“From the eight points of agreement the government had only adopted two. It must be emphasized that these points were reached after a lengthy discussion and consultation focusing on the principle that everyone must contribute toward solving the current crisis on Curaçao”, according to the letter, signed by VBC-chairman, Herman Behr.



Premium increase

According to the VBC, particularly the proposal to charge the employers the total premium increase of the AOV from 13 to 15 percent ‘disproportional, considering the many other burdens the employers are already confronted with in the form of measures’. Aforementioned parties agreed during the national dialogue that also employees would contribute with a quarter percentage; employers would pay 1.5 percent of the premium increase and employees 0.5 percent. Other points that the VBC mentioned, which had been agreed but not implemented, are: canceling the option to retire before 65 years, with a discount of 6 percent, and not levying an extra premium of one percent from those with an income over 100,000 guilders per year. “It is incomprehensible that the government, which repeatedly stated to advocate dialogue, largely ignores the concrete proposals ensuing from the efforts of employers and employees. This is very strange and undermining for the confidence. The government contradicts itself and actually indicates not to advocate national dialogue at all.”

The VBC mentioned that the two points that had been adopted are rescinding the automatic indexation from the AOV-payments and increasing the premium/wage limit to 100,000 guilders.


The VBC wants the government to reconsider the proposals from the employers and employees. The government is also urgently asked to introduce flanking measures to compensate the negative consequences that the accumulation of numerous new measures has on the growth of the economy and employment. For instance, stimulating productive (government) investments, financed by revenues from economies, and making the labor market and legislation more flexible to improve the labor productivity.