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Thursday, 21 February 2013 09:04


WILLEMSTAD — According to Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels, within two weeks there will be clarity on the financing structure for the construction of the new hospital. This is one of the points on the agenda of a meeting of the political leaders from the coalition this afternoon. Wiels advocates a construction whereby the government doesn’t run any financial risks.According to Wiels, a decision on the location of the new hospital remains forthcoming. The coalition parties are still awaiting various advices on this subject. Also the financial prospects are to be studied, said Wiels. The PS-leader believes it’s important to have a structure in which the government is responsible for the quality of the medical care. In the past the government didn’t have a grip on the ins and outs in hospitals owing to the undemocratic and non-transparent set up of the institutions that managed the hospitals. “Whatever structure is chosen, the government is not allowed to contract new commitments that it cannot meet financially”, said Wiels. The government only needs to pay the medical care of the hospital. “There are so many groups that want to build a new hospital but the group that will build it must also finance it”, said Wiels.