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Sunday, 17 March 2013 12:01

WILLEMSTAD — Minister of Health, Ben Whiteman (PS), ordered the building of Bureau Medical Costs Services (BZV) to be cleared today. An accountant will look into the bookkeeping of the government institution. According to Whiteman, there are indications that BZV squanders public funds.For instance the redundancy scheme for the superfluous personnel is supposedly ample and not in conformity with the market, said Whiteman. He finds it strange that the institution had even agreed on a redundancy scheme. Despite repeated prodding by the government the board hadn’t made a calculation for a proposal, nor had the government institution cooperated with the accountant.


Whiteman’s predecessor, interim-minister Stanley Bodok, ordered Soab to conduct an investigation into the personnel management of BZV. Since the implementation of the basic medical insurance all tasks from BZV were transferred to SVB. The only fund that BZV still managed was the Lei di Labizjan (AVBZ-fund). Formerly, four employees were in charge of the implementation, while 34 employees were on the payroll of BZV. Five of them will soon retire and an agreement has been reached with one employee to terminate the contract. Of the remaining 28 employees SVB indicated to employ seven. Four of them were in charge of the implementation of the AVBZ at the BVZ. The SVB will deploy the other three with the implementation of the new basic medical insurance. A repatriation arrangement will have to be made with the remaining 21 employees.

Apparently union Abvo and BVZ reached an agreement. Whiteman finds this suspicious, certainly now it appears there were employees who were given an annual salary while some of them hadn’t even been employed for six months. “This redundancy scheme is not in conformity with the market”, said Whiteman. He also understood that some employees had collected astronomic salaries. One member of the board supposedly pocketed 24.000 guilders per month, and someone who earned 9.000 guilders with his previous job, received double that amount at BZV. “Just what are we getting into?” Whiteman wondered.

Now that the building has been cleared the accountant is able to work undisturbed. The minister didn’t wish to run ahead of the investigation to prevent tarnishing the reputation of people who are found innocent later on. BZV-chairman Milton Yarzagaray was not available for comment.