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Friday, 10 January 2014 10:11

WILLEMSTAD — The 44th edition of the Tumba Festival, starting February 3rd until February 7th, is dedicated to MysticaStefaniaandLuti Samson. This was made known by President of Amak, Manfred ‘Feco’ Gomes, during a press conference.Mystica is particularly known as a Tambú-singer. In 1986, her brother, OmpiStefania, persuaded her to participate in the Tumba Festival, but it did not go as expected. This year she finished second with the composition of Nelson Scoop ‘Ta Nos’ (it is us). She has participated in the festival a total of fifteen times and always managed to finish at the top. Two of her Tumba’s that were a favorite among the public were ‘Ta Nos’and ‘Den e Wea’ (in the pan).Mystica may be back next year again.


Luti Samson is also well-known in the festival. The local singer that has been a musician since 1951, made his first debut at the Festival in 1972, with the song ‘HisaBenta’ (lift up and throw). After ten years he was crowned as the King of Tumba with the song Kologá (hang up), which became the best Tumba of the year. The local band, Doble R, helped make this song a total success.