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Wednesday, 12 February 2014 12:51

WILLEMSTAD — The new airline company AVA Curaçao BV, founded in December, hopes to fly from Curaçao to various destinations within six months, Giovanni Atalita stated, who represents the company on Curaçao. AVA Curaçao is part of parent company AVA Airways in formation in Jamaica.

The airline company hopes to contribute to the economy of Curaçao, the employment and to increase the airlift. Initiators and investors of AVA Airways, Roger Williams and Olivier Arrindell, researched the aviation in the region three years ago and decided to found a new airline company that is to operate from Jamaica to Central and South America and the Caribbean area. Arrindell, originally from St. Maarten, informed this newspaper today that initially AVA Airways would focus on Jamaica but after meetings with Atalita and further research decided to make Curaçao the Latin American hub of AVA. According to Atalita, AVA will start with several destinations, including Brazil, within six months. The plan is to fly with four purchased Airbuses 319 and 320. Atalita: “Curaçao has a good geographical location, various aviation treaties and it seems that the upgrade of the aviation to category 1 again will be a fact within the near future. All reasons for AVA to have confidence in Curaçao.”



Atalita and Arrindell recently visited Minister of Economic Development, Stanley Palm (PAIS), and presented all necessary documents for a permit to the aviation authority. Although they also intended to meet with Minister of Traffic, Transport and Regional Planning, Earl Balborda (PNP), the latter decided against such in anticipation of the permits. According to the minister, it remains to be seen if his ministry can issue the aviation and economic permit in six months. “One cannot found an airline company and immediately indicate when it will be operational. Worldwide this takes approximately twelve to eighteen months.”

Arrindell and Atalita stated that everything is done according to the rules and hope it can be accomplished soon. Arrindell said he would wait until the authorities reached that point. “However, the longer it takes, the longer one has to wait for Curaçao to fulfill the function of hub.” According to Arrindell, it’s also possible to start with routes from Jamaica via Curaçao to Brazil within six months as soon as Jamaica has issued the permit. Jamaica and Curaçao signed a bilateral aviation treaty in December.